Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Panel of Guys

This shoot took place in my house in Carlton, with four friends of mine - we had some last minute cancellations from guys on Tinder that we were originally suppose to use.
Set up for this shoot definitely took a toll on us, we could not for the life of us color balance the shot. My light cream walls looked vibrantly yellow - this will have to be something we fix in post.

Sound turned out pretty good despite our complications with the lavs. Originally each panelist was to wear a mic, but for some reason we could not get the receiver to match with the transmitter so we had to go with the camera and boom mic, which sounded pretty clear through the H6n (I was in charge of sound). One of the panelists however, had a very loud laugh that kept peaking, so I continuously adjusted the levels on the H6n which hopefully will not come back to haunt me.

The panelists themselves were great. They carried on conversation effortlessly, Zoë only occasionally had to ask a question to steer them back on course a bit. Each panelist had a unique personality, which became very evident on camera. Caleb lead most of the conversation, being the only member still using tinder, and he was perhaps the boldest source of humor. Fox was the older panelist who knew nothing of tinder so his questions about the app were answered by Caleb. Peter was the wise one on set, applying the psychology behind tinder, and Zach was the innocent one who offered his very sincere thoughts about tinder, a gentler type of humor.

Once every was finally set up, the shoot only lasted about 30 mins. It was pretty efficient. All hands on set were very helpful - Zoë and myself obviously, but Michelle our dp as well and Symone who assists with sound. We're hoping this panel will serve as a strong male perspective of tinder, one that will coincide with Mar's interview - being that he is also a male. We're thinking this is a unique approach being that we are an all female crew.

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