Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mars's Interivew

So Mars is perhaps one of the quirkiest fellows I have ever encountered. The guy is not only the creator of the original card game based on tinder, but he is basically an expert on tinder in general. He shared so many stories with us - stories I am not sure we can use in the film officially, therefore can I share on my blog. But he gave us so much information about himself and his game. He could tell when he did not describe something right, so he would correct himself or start over - which took up more time, but will ultimately help us in the final product. It is going to be a tremendous amount of footage to weed through.

Being in a coffee shop we had to occasionally pause filming for the coffee grinders or for blenders that became overwhelmingly loud. There was also a family playing board games in the background that aesthetically worked perfect for our shoot, yet they were quite loud at times and became a bit of a distraction. I think in our shoots to come we're going to try to use lav mics for our subjects so they are the ones coming through most audibly.

After the interview which lasted a little over an hour, Michelle got good B-roll of the card game, as well as the space we were in. I'm not exactly sure how we'll use the footage of the coffee shop, but it's nice to have anyway.

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