Saturday, November 21, 2015

Not much to talk about...

So after our last shoot with Mars I'd say we're a little dejected. All our plans keep falling through, we wanted to set up a tinder date between one of our panel members and a girl he matched with on tinder, but unfortunately I left halfway through the weekend and did not return until later on monday and he wasn't feeling comfortable to do the date without me being there (since he's my friend) and then everyone's school schedules then got in the way during the week so that's where we ended up... no tinder date, no new footage. I did start doing some serious editing though. I cut the panel how I felt was amusing - being that the guys were each pretty humorous. I used title cards to organize the responses, and also be able to cut out a lot of the rambling. But it is very rough to say the least. Some severe color correction needs to happen, and possibly some smoother transitions between the thousand jump cuts I have - but that's not crucial cuz I feel like the jump cuts are an ode to reflexivity which is kind of what the panel is anyway. Zoƫ and I both think this topic of film deserves a reflexive approach, especially given that all our subjects thus far are commenting on this topic rather than portraying it (aka the date we did not get). But after having edited Mars's interview in its rough state, and now the panel, I'm not quite sure how to connect them just yet. Like I said, our plans for new shoots keep falling through, so there goes this week's hope for cohesive footage. We're not giving up on that date though, I think that might be our saving grace.

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