Friday, November 13, 2015

Mars Take 2

So we scheduled a second "interview" with Mars over the weekend of Cucalorus. He was going to be back in town, so we wanted to get some footage of him out and about, socializing, and hopefully trying to pick up women ha. We filmed at Bombers downtown - which turned out to be a really bad idea. The space was great, the owners as well, but the lighting was way way too dark, and the music too loud despite not really being loud at all. Mars had brought a lady friend with him - he had actually found her on Tinder and she is one of the profiles in his card game. She was super chill and down to earth. Their conversation was great, he kind of repeated himself a bit - from what he had spoken about the first time we met with him, and she had great remarks to his stuff. Unfortunately, and this part really sucks, but we are probably not going to be able to use any of this footage, because it is too dark and you can barely see anything. The two subjects sat at a table and played Mars's card game (which he let us keep so that was probably the most successful part of this shoot), but in the footage, you could not even see the cards so we had to make the decision to scrap it.
This project has not ceased its mission to test our sanity - I know everyone deals with issues on set, but we have yet to complete a shoot without a major hiccup, so I'm not really sure what the universe is trying to tell us with that. So without this second shoot with Mars, we only have two main segments, the panel of guys - which in my last post I said was very questionable...and then we have Mars's first interview. We shall see why we can accomplish next.

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