Sunday, August 30, 2015

Love From the Perspective of a Child

Brainstorming ideas for our coming Documentary Like Me, love defined from multiple perspectives, Zoe and I found that it might be easiest to categorize the different definitions by people's ages.

The youngest group is that of children, around kindergarten age, five or six years old. There is something fascinating about a child's explanation to things. It is most basic, oftentimes utterly wrong, or confusing, but entirely innocent and sometimes completely accurate. It is funny to think that we were all once children, yet it is impossible to revert back to the simplistic ways of a child.

This link above includes some of the most endearing definitions of love, all responses of children, that involve a simple gesture or feeling, a micro-action only a child can see while adults are too busy being adults.

What is also important to note about these definitions is that these children are highly influenced by their parental figures, and that many of their responses come from the behaviors they witness. This is also an element of Like Me, the influence of familial and social structure not only on children, but people in general, and their definitions of love.

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