Monday, August 31, 2015

How Will We Love?

How Will We Love? is a film by Chris Brickler that asks questions about romantic love and commitment, and their place in modern life. Brickler's inspiration for a film about relationships came from interviewing his grandparents - this generational idea is very similar to Like Me, which will ask numerous age groups, (people in their old age as one such group) their thoughts about love.

Part of the importance of involving seniors (older people) is that they have experienced their whole lives, they've loved and lost, and survived. With the exception of Brickler, most of us tend to write off our grandparents as out of touch and probably ignorant, old folks, and that's just not the case. U.S. culture is the only in the world that does not view the elderly as the wisest generation, we give all the authority and power to the youth. Like Me will attempt to shed some light on the knowledge and experience of the older generations; especially being that the film will involve interviews with all types of age groups, a true comparison is inevitable.

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