Monday, August 31, 2015

Crew Interviews

Being a participatory documentary, Zoe and I will physically be front of the camera at times. The best way we thought to do this was similar to reality television interviews where characters will speak directly to the camera in response to some action that has unfolded. In Like Me the only slight difference will be that our interviews with the camera will be in response to the other interviews we've heard. 

I am embarrassed to say that these two links are some of the best visuals (one a still, one a meme) of reality tv interviews I could find. These however are far more dramatic than Zoe and I intend. Our interviews, as stated above, are in response to the other interviews about love, where ultimately we are trying to establish our own definitions about love. Therefore these crew interviews will sort of serve as building blocks to our concluding thoughts about our own film.

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