Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rough cut...very rough

So over Thanksgiving break I dove into editing - finally having 3 segments - our only 3 segments, I don't think we're going to have time for anything else unfortunately. We have the panel, Mars's first interview, and the dig and dive convo. Me and Zoƫ have a plan for this film now. We are going to open the film with old photos of couples, like from the 50's to contrast with couples today. Dating today obviously not being what it used to be, since we have things like tinder now that assist us with finding dates... cough cough (the definition of date very loose here...more like hook up). But anyway, then we're going to go into some of our Vox pops, where people give brief comments about tinder, what they think it is, what they think it's used for, etc. Then we need to explain tinder - so Mars comes in, being our expert. We have him comment about about the app, and about hook up culture today, then we cut to the panel. We think the panel is best shown first because the guys are kind of a little clueless so they'll serve as a natural progression of understanding, from say the audience's perspective, about what tinder really is. From the panel, we'll go to Mars again, and he'll be shown in a longer segment, where he explains tinder more in-depth, how men and women use it, and then he'll transition into his card game. We realized the main topic of the film was no longer the card game, since there is only so much you can say about that - but what the card game can be for the film, is a strong metaphor of what dating and hooking up is today...a game. We get this answer from every subject we talked to. So after Mars's interview, we will go to the dig and dive footage where the actual card game is played. More important than the card game tho is the conversation over top of it. The footage, as predicted, came out great. I have what feels like a million angles of footage to work with which means no more jump cuts Hallelujah! But, this footage is by far our most dynamic, in visuals, but also in content. Katie Mac's perspective really adds substance, she is great, all her responses, and she becomes in my opinion, the strongest voice in this segment, despite coming into the game late where Caleb and Fox already had a chance to speak their minds a bit. We want to end our rough cut with advice from our subjects. We feel like this kind of wraps up the film the best, because it gives an ultimate opinion about tinder, rather than just commentary on it. And even though we are indifferent about tinder ourselves and never desired to put an ultimate conclusion on the film, all our subjects say to get off tinder, and talk to people in person - which is kind of a valid point, and one being made often in today's society just with social media in general. It just feels most natural. But then again, this is our rough cut, and our first thoughts on how to compose our randomly collected footage, so we invite all sorts of changes.

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