Sunday, September 20, 2015


Up to this point in the pre-production stages of "The Business of Love" (a recent change in doc title), Zoë and I have teetered back and forth on the premise of this film. We would sit down at every one of our meetings (and we've had quite a few), and really have to establish concrete ideas for the project. Until our most recent meeting, this had been the, thanks to the help of our classmates, we know what our film is. A collection of stories from businesses all over town, businesses that cater to the needs of love, the many different forms of relationships where love exists. Our presentation goes into detail about this - but it is quite a relief to finally really know our topic, or angle so to say. Love is broad, but we've finally narrowed it down.

Where we are currently is in a slowed down communication zone (whatever that really is), where we've reached out to our experts (aka business owners/workers) and they've responded but are slightly hesitant to work with us. Some people have been very interested, no hesitation, other people, where their work in dealing with couples is quite private or personal are really inquiring about our intentions, and despite explaining ourselves, these people just might not be feeling it. But this is okay, we did not expect this to be a breeze. So we are being patient as of now, and if certain experts have confirmed against us, we will move forward.

I think we are really just looking forward to getting the first of the interviews, because this will help set the tone for our film. Our experts come from highly varied backgrounds so it feels a bit unorganized right now, but once we've started collecting material, a central theme will prevail.

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